MONOKOTE® is a life-safety product designed to reduce the rate of temperature rise in steel or concrete in the event of a fire. This prolongs the structural integrity of the structure, which allows more people to leave a building in an emergency situation and gives first responders time to save the building.

May 29, 2024   Nurse StuccoMonokote® is a popular fireproofing material used in office buildings, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and other large buildings that are constructed out of concrete and steel. Resembling wet cement when applied, Monokote fireproofing is applied throughout a building’s interior in order to help prevent structural failure during a high-temperature blaze. In many areas, building codes require the use of “passive” fire-protection materials like Monokote in certain structures. Not only will this help prevent a building from collapsing, but it will give the occupants of a building more time to escape in the event of a fire and gives first responders time to save the building.

Nurse Stucco is the Monokote fireproofing contractor of choice for installation in Southern California locations in the San Diego County area. We are a family owned and operated C-35 licensed contractor that has built a reputation for continually surpassing the expectations of our customers. When it comes to protecting your building from a fire, Nurse Stucco has you covered. Contact Us for more information and a quote on your project or call our office at (619) 561-7429.