Where can I buy stucco?

You don’t really “buy” stucco so much as you buy the materials to mix stucco onsite or hire a contractor to do the work. You can purchase materials to make stucco throughout the country at material supply houses and home improvement centers.

There are a variety of acceptable mixture proportions for stucco, and the proportions of each successive coat vary. The individual materials may include portland, masonry, or plastic cement, lime or other plasticizers, sand, and water.

The following documents contain tables of mixture proportioning recommendations:

It is not impossible to handle plastering repairs as a do-it-yourself project, but it is a fairly large undertaking for the average person. You can look to your local Yellow Pages, The Blue Book of Construction, or at your local library to identify contractors in your area.

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But the best way, (in our humble opinion, of course) is to contact Nurse Stucco and request a free quote.