Frequently Asked Questions about Stucco Aesthetics

What are common stucco finish textures?

The Technical Service Information Bureau (TSIB) is a trade group in southern California serving the needs of the wall and ceiling industry regarding lath, plaster, and drywall. They have an excellent online resource depicting stucco textures. The 30 textures shown on the site are accompanied by suggested application procedures. This gives material (ingredient) advice, where [...]

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Can portland cement based stucco be cleaned?

Whether you have some type of atmospheric contamination, biological growth, or staining from another construction process, stucco can be cleaned effectively. Because it is important to choose an appropriate cleaning method based on what actually created the stain, there is no single best process for cleaning stucco surfaces. You can read more here about cleaning [...]

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What is fog coat?

A fog coat is a light application of a cement-based slurry, the same proportions of cement, lime (if any), and water as used in the original application minus the sand, used to even out a surface’s appearance. It is typically sprayed or rolled onto the surface, similar to painting with a cement-based paint. Fog coating improves the [...]

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Can I paint stucco to get the color I want?

Stucco can be painted. Portland cement-based paints are very compatible with stucco because they are made of the same material. These paints should be scrubbed into the surface and fully cured. Alternatively, you could consider a colored stucco finish. These finish coats are often made with white cement and pigments, providing the widest range of [...]

Can I paint stucco to get the color I want?2021-11-20T19:41:19-08:00
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