May 4, 2023 stucco restucco stucco repair Nurse StuccoLaHabra Stucco

LaHabra Stucco is one convenient source for three levels of product performance.  New construction or renovation, every residential project poses new challenges.

LaHabra Stucco gives you a range of product options to address any surface issue – from air and water barriers to specialty finishes. Whether it’s a benchmark product with enhanced features or state-of-the-art premium performance, LaHabra is your single source for the best wall solution – with endless color, texture and specialty finish combinations.

You can expect proven performance from standard LaHabra cement-based finishes – and add enhanced features like waterproof protection or mildew resistance. At premium performance levels you can combine the elasticity, consistency and UV protection of acrylic and hybrid finishes for improved durability.

LaHabra Standard Stucco Colors

May 4, 2023 stucco restucco stucco repair Nurse Stucco

LaHabra Standard Stucco Color Chart