Nurse Stucco Injury and Illness Prevention Program

At Nurse Stucco our injury and illness prevention program, is a proactive process to help Nurse Stucco find and fix workplace hazards before our workers are hurt. We know these programs can be effective at reducing injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Through consistent application of the key elements in our program we have experienced dramatic decreases in workplace injuries, as well as a transformed workplace culture that can lead to higher productivity and quality, reduced turnover, reduced costs, and greater employee satisfaction.

Specific questions about the Nurse Stucco program, or for help in reporting issues that fall under this program, should be addressed to Blaine Nurse or Darren Nurse.

You may also contact the California Department of Industrial Relations who provide workplace safety and health assistance to employers and workers through on-site assistance and special emphasis programs, and publishes a wide variety of educational materials on workplace safety and health topics.