May 20, 2024   Nurse Stucco

Parex Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

Parex is an elastomeric finish for projects requiring the use of stucco or when refinishing over concrete washed exteriors. Elasformerie finishes makes use of elastic technology and are known for their ability to provide high flexibility. Another key feature of our elastomeric finish is the ability to bridge existing hair line cracks. This feature is especially important when refinishing old stucco and concrete coating.

Parex USA provides an advanced and innovative pigment system that has revolutionized the way color is used. The new high-end color system increases the range of color options, creating a broader spectrum of more vibrant, brilliant colors. In addition the increased color space, the ColorFast Pigment System also offers longer lasting color (UV fastness), enhanced opacity, increased water resistance, and improved tack for less dirt pick-up. All Parex USA ColorFast Pigments are VOC and APEO-free.

From old world Venetian Plasters and textured Tuscan Stucco, Stucco d’ Raffinato to modern metallic coatings, Parex USA Select Finishes provide the best in design and quality in high-end decorative surface finishes, and the first choice at Nurse Stucco. Select Finishes are designed to be used as a finish coat over flat surfaces such as: concrete, stucco, masonry and interior gypsum board walls, ceilings and special decorative elements. All final finishes are hard, durable, breathable and low maintenance. Each Select Finish is designed to provide distinctive texture, color and design options for interior and exterior applications.

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