Recoat and Re-stucco

Restucco? Why would I need to recoat or restucco my Home? Over time, rain erodes the thin coating of stucco that contains the sand that creates the texture layer. When this happens, the texture can easily be removed if the wall is cleaned with a pressure washer, or with time as airborne pollutants and rain continue to erode the surface of the stucco. To prevent the loss of your texture, the stucco should be recoated or fresh color coat (restucco) every 20-25 years.

Your home restucco projects start with a careful evaluation of the wall surfaces to identify any areas needing repairs. Next, we pressure wash to clean and prepare the surface for the new stucco coat, removing about 1/8″ of the surface, and make any necessary repairs. Then we apply a thin coat of stucco called a brown coat (this would be step #2 in a 3-coat stucco application) to level out the surface of the walls. This leveling coat will cover any inconsistencies in the finish it’s covering, and it gives the walls a smooth texture for the final color coat. The finish (color coat) is thin and gives your home it’s unique stucco texture and color.

It is important to us here at Nurse Stucco, Inc. to provide 100% satisfaction for our customers. We have a tested and proven track record of sustained superior performance, and Nurse Stucco is consistently rated A+ by the BBB. If you’re considering a complete restucco or stucco repairs to the exterior of your home, please reach out to us at (619) 561-7429 with your questions and be sure to ask us for a free and no obligation quote for your stucco project. We believe you’ll choose Nurse Stucco for all of your residential stucco services.

May 20, 2024   Nurse Stucco