A restucco is the best way to address not only problems of deterioration, but also of cosmetics. The advantage to a complete restucco is that the preparation and repair work is sealed under a color coat that allows for a more solid and uniform finished product without the look of a patch job.

The key to a successful and longer lasting restucco

The key to a successful and longer lasting restucco lies in the preparation and repair work. The better the procedure taken to repair and restore the structure or dwelling, the longer the finished product will last. The knowledge gained over the past 4 decades by those at Nurse Stucco will insure that the best procedures and products will be used to renovate prior to the restucco.

The Color Coat Process

The color coat process of a restucco can be accomplished with a cement based stucco or an acrylic stucco. Some extra preparations have to be taken to make a structure ready to receive an acrylic stucco along with the necessary repair work. Both traditional and synthetic stucco products are very good and long lasting dependent upon the integrity of the preparation and repair work.

Cement based color coats are the most commonly used exterior finish products. LaHabra Stucco and Omega Products International are the major suppliers of traditional stucco products in the San Diego area. Their colors are all of an earthen base and complement the natural colors found in the San Diego area.

Restucco Options

Acrylic color coats like Dryvit are not cement based products, therefore, extra preparation procedures have to be taken to make this product compatible with all cement and stucco surfaces.  Selecting the best restucco products to meet your specific restucco needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all stucco solution is a service that we provide to all Nurse Stucco customers.