Stucco repairs after electrical panel replacement are a specialty at Nurse Stucco. If you’ve had recent work performed by your electrician that required new panel installation, chances are you’re in need of professional stucco repair to fill holes made when the electricians relocated the conduit, and expert stucco repairs if the electricians relocated electrical panel or added a new panel for the solar.

Unfortunately, this is usually not a do-it-yourself project, even with the “just add water” stucco repair products. Chances are that if you try doing it yourself you will be sadly disappointed as the repair is, in most cases, really a multi-step process starting with the water barrier behind the stucco, then replacing the lath (which supports the stucco), followed by the actual stucco which needs to be textured to match the existing wall. Even attempting to patch a small hole in a stucco wall can leave you with some disastrous results. Many elements go into making the perfect stucco mix for patching stucco. Then there’s the application of the stucco which really is an art in itself… which is best left to the experts at Nurse Stucco.

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